3D Animator Interview Questions

3D Animator Jobs are in its high peek nowadays. Many institutes are opening every day for teaching 3D Animations Technology. We have collected Most frequently asked Interview Questions to help you prepare for the personal and technical interview. There are many software available for 3D animation, but all requires your imagination and skills to present it in computers. As there are many software for designing different companies use different one. While listing the jobs companies will ask for particular software knowledge which they specializes in. So we will see questions specified on each software.


Houdini Interview Questions

1, Which company launched Houdini ? – Side Effects

2, Few movies which use Houdini Software? – Frozen, Rio and Ant Bully

3, Few Operators of Houdini – Objects, Surface Operators, Particle Simulation Operators, Composite Operators, Render operators, Vex Operators

4, What is Rendering? – Generating an Image from a 3D Model using a software

5, What is Wireframe? – It displays a 3D object with lines connecting the edges or corners of it.

3D STudio MAX Interview Questions

1, Which industry Commonly uses 3D Studio MAX – Gaming Industry

2, The company which owns this software – Autodesk

3, The first version released in the year – 1990

4, What is a Metaball? – N Dimensional Objects

5, List The standard Premitives used in 3D STudio Max?

premitives used in animation


MAYA 3D Interview Questions

1, The company Which publish MAYA 3D – Autodesk

2, What is the workspace called in here ? Scenes

3, What is Navier Stokes Equation ? – They are used to produce gas and smoke or fire using fluid dynamics concept

4, Full form of NURBS – Non Uniform Rational B Spline

5, List Few Plugins used in MAYA?

plugins used in 3d


Common Questions Asked in 3D Animator Job Interviews

1, Define Miniature Effect ? – Effects Created by producing small scale models and using close shots to create special effects.

2, What is Frame? – Key Frame or Frame is start and end point of a object with help of software to fill the action between them.

3, First Computer Animated character ? – Nikolai Konstantinov created a Walking Cat

4, Full Form of CGI – Computer Generated Imagery

5, The first Fully computer generated film? – Toy Story

6, What is Texture? – It adds Surfaces, Colors  and details to 3D Models

7, Difference Between Bump map and Normal Map? – Bump Mapping only provides height whereas Normal Mapping provides height and angle.

8, Motion capture – The process of capturing human movements and transferring them to animals or other objects.

We hope this Questions will help you with answering the interview questions while facing a Job interview of 3D Animator.

Thank you.


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