Aircraft Maintenance Technician Interview Questions

Aircraft Maintenance Technician or Engineer is one of those jobs we dream about in Kids. Experts have collected Interview questions asked while candidates are called for Various Airway Companies like Lufthansa , Qatar Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Jet Airways etc. Aircraft Maintenance technicians are licensed person to carry out any mechanical or electrical jobs in Airplanes. Many colleges around India offer this diploma in AME. We have collected the questions which can useful for both experienced and fresh candidates.

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Interview Questions for Fresher AME Technicians

1, What is an Airframe ? – The mechanical structure of an Airplane

2, What is Air plane parts Made of ? – Composite materials

3, What is the use of Vertical Stabilizer? – They are used to reduce aerodynamic Slip

4, Types of Vertical Stabilizer?

a, Conventional Tail

b, T tail

c, Crusiform Tail

d, Twin tail

e, Triple Tail

f, V tail

g, Winglet

5, Where is the avionic Equipment Situated? – Cockpit

6, What is an Airband? – Frequencies allotted for Civil Aviation

7, Full form of ATC – Air traffic Control

8, Full form of VOR – VHF Omni directional Range

9, Tools to control ground traffic? – SMR,ASDE

10, The 4 Checks included in Aircraft Maintanence ? A check, B Check, C Check, D check

Interview Questions for Experienced Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

1, How often A check is done ? – For every 500 Flight hours

2, When B check is performed ? – Every 4 months

3, What is HMV ? Heavy Maintenance Visit or D check

4, Full form of ATA – Air Transport Association

5, MRM and CRM – Crew Resource Management , Maintanence resource management

6, What is Foreign Object Damage? – Damages caused during flying by a part outside plane

7, Three types of maintenance – Preventive, Operational and Corrective

8, What D check Involves? First step is to look for metal Cracks and corrosion, Laboratory Checking of Oil and Fuel, Finding Leaks, Safety Equipment Check, Air pressure maintaining system, Replacement of Wings, Engines are also done in this check if needed.

9, Types of Welding used? – Gas Welding, Electric Arc Welding, Electric Resistance welding.

10, Major Stresses An Airplane is subjected to ? – Tension, Compression, Torsion, Shear, Bending

11, What is Fuselage? – Body of the fixed wing aircraft

12, Types of Wing Spares? – Solid, Box shaped, Partly Hollow, I beam type

13, Where is Flaps there in Aircraft ? –┬áInboard trailing edge of wings

14, Which is the most preferred Landing configuration? Tricycle

Hope this questions will help you to get a job with a premium Aircraft Company. If you have expereince on attending an interview, Please share your experience and questions with us in comments.

Thank you.


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