Most Frequently Asked Bank Interview Questions

The banking sector is one of the most preferred destinations for employment. Its convergence with other financial sectors have created more number of job opportunities. Well many of you might be appearing for the same in coming days and you might be in search of few bank interview questions. Here are a few basic questions which are asked in most of the bank interviews and these bank interview questions and answers will be very helpful for the candidates who are yet to appear for an interview.

Few of the banking interview questions are as follows:

bank interview questions

What is the difference between cheque and Demand Draft?

A cheque is basically issued by an individual but a draft is issued by a bank. In a demand draft you have to pay before issuing while a check is withdrawn from the account.

What is the difference between Private bank Nationalized bank?

Nationalized banks are also known as public sector banks where the government is responsible for the deposition of money in these banks while in a private bank money is deposited by the person who owns the bank.

What is sensex and NIFTY?

Sensex and Nifty both are an “index”. Index is like a indicator which gives us a general idea whether the stocks have gone up or have gone down.

Nifty is an index of NSE (National Stock Exchange) while Sensex is an index of BSE (Bomabay Stock exchange)

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What is Repo rate and Reverse Repo Rate?

Repo rate is the rate at which the RBI lends some money to the banks while reverse repo rate is the rate at which the RBI takes money from a commercial bank. Repo rate controls inflation.

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What is Fiscal deficit?

Fiscal Deficit is a sitation when the total expenditure of the government exceeds the revenue it generates. It is not similar to debt as debt is a collection of yearly defecits.

What is CRR rate?

CRR or Cash Reverse Ratio is the amount of money that a commercial bank has to keep with the Reserve Bank of India. If the bank increase CRR then the amount with RBI comes down and vice-versa.

What is SLR rate?

SLR Rate is the minimum amount or percentage of the deposits that a bank has to keep with the RBI in the form of money,gold or any other approved security. In simple terms it is the ratio between cash and some approved security.

What is Bank Rate?

Bank Rate is the interest rate at which the RBI allows finance to commercial banks. By Bank Rate, we mean bank can regulate the level of economic activity.


For all those who are going to sit for an interview just prepare as much as you can and learn from your experiences as most of the bank interview questions will be either from your course structure or the experience which you have gained.

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