Bank PO interview Questions and Answers

The Bank PO interview Questions and Answers changes every year. Are you interested to find a job in the field of banking? In that case you must pass a written test after which comes the phase of interview. We all know that interview is the process of gaining knowledge about the person who is applying for a particular job. It is conducted so as to learn more about his behavior, attitude and perception. Sometimes the needs of the interviewer and the interviewee may not be similar. But speaking with confidence and familiarity is what makes one pass the round of interview.

In order to pass the interview you need preparation and you can gain this knowledge with the set of these bank PO interview questions and answers.

Tell me Something about Yourself

This is one of the most common questions that are asked in a bank PO interview, which needs to be prepared well in advance in a brief and short manner to show yourself in the most unique way.

bank po questions

Why do you want to Join this Bank?

This is another question where the employer decides if they can hire you or not. Thus, having the right amount of bank PO interview preparation is what lets you answer this question by giving your best answer to this question.

Have you done any Projects?

This bank PO interview experience question also lets the employer know if you have enough experience and strength to handle different types of projects. You can also mention your contribution and the role you played in doing the project that was assigned.

Questions related to important Banking Terms

Having a good amount of knowledge of some of the most important bank PO interview questions and answers about these terms are also very important while attending the interview. These terms could include your knowledge about demand deposits, fixed time deposits, stale cheques, privatization and many others.

Preparation about Current Affairs

It is important to know about the latest news that is happening in your organization and the related banks. These questions could also involve home loan interests and policies related to the bank that you know of.

Tell me about your state

The important thing that you must know about this question are the names of the present Chief Minister, the Population of the area, some popular things that are going on and the districts that are well known.

What are your Strengths and Weakness?

This can be a tricky question which talks a lot about your character. Giving away too much of strengths and no weakness could also indicate that you have attitude issues. Talking about your weaknesses could also be a bad sign. So it is important to turn your weakness to your strengths without having a negative impact about them.

When it comes to bank PO interview questions and answers, preparation is one of the most important things. It shows your interest and your eagerness to join the company. Proper dress code like the formals also tells the employer a lot about yourself. Most importantly, be confident and well prepared to bust the interview. Good luck!

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