Careers In Communications Field You Can Opt For

Careers in communications provide some brightest future paths before the young students of modern times, who are aspiring in earning immense recognition and riches.

The young generation of modern times has got different new options to shape up their careers which were not even dreamed of by their predecessors. Apart from usual general streams of studies, they have now new study subjects which will give immense opportunities in the job market. Communications has now evolved as a popular subject which is attracting a lot of youngsters who are looking forward to a glorious career life. Thereby plenty of options are now available as careers in communications, for yielding better future to those students. Communications has various sub-streams like mass communications, journalism, public relations, marketing and business management. Hence several doors are bound to open up to these students who start their careers with a communication degree.

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Public Relations

Now every large business houses, mainly the multi-national companies now have made the post of a Public Relations Officer compulsory in their organizations. This person is responsible for maintaining relationship with the other related organizations and putting up the best image of his/her company in the market, which is the most important requirement for any business. Therefore the managements of the companies prefer to employ some well educated people with a degree in this specific field, to act as spokespersons of their organizations. Even government departments are now recruiting Public Information Officer or Press Officer to communicate the government policies to the press and to the public as well. Even successful individuals like film stars, sports persons and politicians also need publicists who will spread their publicity by arranging interviews to press or the media. Thus public relations job options are definitely considered as some of the prosperous careers in communications.


Any student, who is quite good in writing and speaking, can pursue a successful career in this field, after obtaining a degree in this stream. These successful young journalists can easily bag a good job in any newspaper, radio or television channels who offer lucrative pay packages. They can opt for newscaster, news reader or anchor, even as news analysts in any print or media company. But these types of communication jobs can be really tiresome as there are no fixed time schedules for these works, in spite of high salaries.


Lots of communications students opt for the branch of advertising due to its glamour and immense income opportunities. Mostly they like to choose such careers in communications like that of copywriters, art directors and even account managers in advertising agencies. But the people working in this area should have enough creativity; copywriters need to write up lucrative brochures and jingles to attract customers while art directors have to make interesting designs and images to fill up the space of the advertisements and make it look even more attractive.

Event management

Many communications students choose to work as freelancers who earns by organizing various parties or gatherings or any prize-distribution function. They work by keeping harmony with lots of people, all of whom help in making the events successful. Thus many students who have a knack for organizing are prompted to take up this communication career for earning decently living.

Marketing and brand promotion

The job profile of marketing and event management is much similar to the advertising but with higher income scope. So students with very good communicating power can preferably go for this career in communication.

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