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General Awareness 14-03-2016 to 17-03-2016

General Awareness 14-03-2016 to 17-03-2016 1. March 14 is celebrated as ? – Pi day (mathematical Pi). 2. March 15 is international day of? – International Day Against Police brutality. – World Consumer Rights Day. 3. March 16 is celebrated as? – National Vaccination Day. 4. Which

General Awareness 13-03-2016

General Awareness 13-03-2016 1. No Smoking Day is on? – March 13. 2. Which Pakistan Cricketer said Got more love from Indian cricket players as well as from the Indian nation than from Pakistan? – Shahid Afridi. 3. How many combinations of drugs that were sold illegally

General Awareness 12-03-2016

General Awareness 12-03-2016 1. Advancing Asia Conference was organised by? – Government of India and International Monetary Fund (IMF). 2. Advancing Asia Conference was held in? – New Delhi. 3. From which bank did Paytm borrow Rs. 300 Crores? – ICICI. 4. Which Famous Online website has

General Awareness 11-03-2016

General Awareness 11-03-2016 1. March 11th is celebrated as? – World Plumping Day. 2. Who is appointed as the Chairman of 21st Law Commission Of India? – Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan (Former Supreme Court Judge). 3. The UIDAI has collected how many bio-metrics under the AADHAAR Scheme?

General Awareness 10-03-2016

General Awareness 10-03-2016 1. Who is the Irish man who has developed a low cost dialysis system for Kidneys which could save millions of lives? – Vincent Garvey. 2. What is the name of ISRO’s Independent Regional Navigation Satellite System that was launched by PSLV-C32 from Sriharikota?

General Awareness 09-03-2016

General Awareness 09-03-2016 1. The Reserve Bank of India has granted permission for overseas investors to buy stake in which private bank as foreign share holding? – Kotak Mahindra Bank. 2. What was the debt liability amount of BSNL at the end of Jan 2016? – Rs.

Daily GK Update 08-03-2016

General Awareness 08-03-2016 1. March 8th is International? – Women’s Day. 2. What is the theme of the International Women’s Day 2016? – Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality. 3. What is the campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2016? – Pledge For

Daily GK Update 07-03-2016

General Awareness 07-03-2016 1. Tata Motors has tied up with which two firms for Indian Defence Ministry’s Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) programme? – Bharat Forge Ltd and General Dynamics Land Systems Inc (GDLS). 2. Who is the famous Malayalam Cinema Comedian who passed away due to