Common Mistakes In a Job Interview

In each of our lives comes one such instance when we tend to sport nothing, but utmost anxiety. This is that point of time in your life, when you are looking forward to attend the first interview of your professional career. As wise men have quoted, “Practice makes Man Perfect”, which is exactly why you become a seasoned played once you start frequenting interview programs at different career stages of your life. However, the most difficult interview is the first interview that you are scheduled to attend. In your first interview, there are heavy chances of you goofing up and thus it becomes essential for you to acquaint yourself with some common mistakes in a job interview. Let me now share with you some regular mistakes that need to be essentially avoided in an interview.

Don’t Brag about Yourself

Every time when you happen to attend an interview, it is but obvious that the first question that is shooted towards to is nothing, but the interviewer’s interest to know more about your academic, professional as well as family background. This question pops up right in the beginning and thus you can conquer the battle by doing it right the first time.

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Many a times, when this question is asked to the interviewee, he or she tends to beat around the bush and ends up providing information that is completely irrelevant and meaningless. Similarly, people end up bragging about themselves, which putsforth, nothing but a negative impression about the interviewee. Hence, it is important for you to remember that you need to be very particular and specific while answering this question.


Avoid being Late

This is one of the most common mistakes in a job interview. The 21st century tends to lay utmost importance on both punctuality as well as time management. Time once gone cannot be brought back or restored, which is exactly why respecting the opposite person’s time becomes a must. This is one area where most of the candidates fail badly. Many a times, candidates reach beyond the scheduled time at the interview venue, which is why a bad impression is projected to the interviewer in the first shot itself. Most of the people don’t stop there and end up giving an array of excuses, which showcases you as an impractical complain box. Hence, it is essential for you to leave home way before the scheduled time and make it to the venue before your turn comes up.

Getting your Facts Wrong

When you are to appear for an interview before the interview panel of a particular company, it is quite obvious that the panel will end up asking you questions that are directly or indirectly related to the company. I am talking about the vision, mission, history and some other general aspects associated with the company. In a number of situations, the candidate fails to research about the company or even get the basic facts associated with the firm right. This is another one of the common mistakes in a job interview and should be avoided at all costs.  If such an instance takes place, then the interview panel gets a wrong opinion about you and end up assuming your lack of interest in the company. This eventually brings down your chances of being selected. 

Have you got an interview to attend in the near future? Make it a point to do away with the above mentioned three common mistakes in a job interview.

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