Crack Bank Personal Interviews: Commonly asked questions with answers


Interview provides an opportunity to the interviewers to know and understand the candidate’s perspective, on the basis of which it can be analysed whether the candidate is fully prepared to take the responsibility of the job. Interview mainly concerned to select right person for the right job.

During your Interview:

  • Bring out a mild smile on your face throughout the interview, which gives an impression to the interviewer that you can handle difficult situations easily.
  • Eye contact is an important aspect which an interviewer checks with you.
  • Don’t interrupt while the interviewer asking questions to you.
  • Always remember communication should be two-way. Make your answers brief and content.
  • Greet the interviewer with a smile on your face when interview gets over.



  • Long sleeve shirt ( White or navy blue is advisable)
  • Good quality ties.
  • Dark Grey Pant.
  • Black business shoe gives a decent look.
  • Wear a conservative watch.



  • Wear a simple Salwar Suit (White, navy or dark grey is advisable)
  • Conservative Cheppals.
  • Professional Hairstyle
  • Avoid fashion extremes with high level jewellery.
  • Avoid dark colour nail polish.
  • Take a Good quality Flap File.



  1. Tell me something about yourself?

You should always answer this by relating the job with your education. As if you are going to work for a service firm then the interviewer expects excellent interpersonal communication skill from you. So make your answer brief, content and clear.

A good response to this question would be by answering , Myself  XYZ.  Basically am from TamilNadu but now settled in Haryana. I did my schooling from TamilNadu itself. I have done my engineering in Mechanical  in NI University, TN. I got Best student award/Employee award (Detail it if you get any). My hobbies include gardening, coin collections, solving puzzles and watching movies. Am a quick learner. I can work under pressure. I always look forward to learn new things.

  1. What are your strengths?

This is the most frequently asked question that you may also expect for your interview. The best response to this question would be by answering “Well, am a smart working person and I believe in myself. Am a goal driven person who can even work extra hours for task accomplishment. I am cheerful, energetic and Ambitious person.


  1. Difference between hard worker and Smart worker?

If at any point you say yourself as hard working or smart working person, then definitely you can expect this question. The best response would be “ A hard worker do works by reading, learning and then executing it by putting his best but a smart worker do works by applying his intelligence and experience and execute it in an extraordinary way”. Hard worker works and get experience but a smart worker works with experience.


  1. What are your weaknesses?

Don’t let out any of your weaknesses to them. Answer this question very carefully. This is a tricky question which may even change the decision of interviewer to select you. The best response would be

  • I am always bit slow because I want to give my best output.
  • I am bit impatient and will get annoyed if anyone of my team member does not work up to my expectation. Am trying to improve myself in this respect.
  • Another weakness of mine is I cannot compromise with quality and time.


  1. Can you work under pressure?

Yes should be the answer. Don’t stop it with a single word. Let them know how you handled some adverse situation by telling them your past experience. The best response would be “Well working under pressure is an art. I was working in a software company where I worked under strict deadlines and yet I enjoyed my work. If fresher then you may answer with the project experience you had on your final year.


  1. Why should we hire you?

A good response would be “ As I can understand the bank operations such as cash department, marketing department , treasury department etc, as you have already tested my aptitude and reasoning capability, I can say am best suited for this job. I am very much excited and passionate about working in the banking industry.


  1. Why do you want to join the banking Sector?

This question is basically asked to test your knowledge on banking Sector. You should answer the question explaining about the nature and advantage of banking sector.

  • Bank is the fastest growing sector in India and it provides wide range of career opportunities.
  • It is an entry into a well paid, secure and status career.


  1. Are you willing to take risk?

Intention for asking this question is to check your confidence level. Your answer could be “I am quite confident and I would definitely try to take a chance but before taking risk, I will analyse and evaluate alternative options and then decide.

  1. What do you know about our bank?

Try to gain knowledge about the bank you are trying for.

If you are appearing for Indian Bank interview, learn Chairman of the Bank, No of Bank branches, customer service, awards received, new plans etc of the bank. Tell then it was your dream to work in such environment where workers were rewarded.

  1. Why do you want to join bank? Why not corporate job?

As I believe bank jobs are more prosperous and challenging where you can enhance your managerial skill and will able to accept the challenges. I get job surety and bank employees have good social status in India. So after a deep analyses I preferred banking job over corporate job.

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