How to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview?

What is the first step to a Job Interview? It is a known fact that job interviews are more or less monotonous. If you have already attended a series of interviews at a number of different organizations, then in that case you must have come to realize that there is utmost similarity as well as repetition in the questions asked at these interviews. If you were to scratch your brain further, it is quite obvious that it would hit you instantly that the first question, which generally tends to pop up is describe yourself in a job interview.

Describe yourself in a Job Interview – How crucial is that?

 describe yourself in an interview

One very important question thrown at you is nothing, but describe yourself in a job interview. Most of the people view this question in a very casual sense, which is exactly why they end up goofing up in an extremely bad manner. Many a times, this question is answered like a kindergarten child, which eventually ends up annoying the interviewer. Moreover, this question acts as a make or break event and thus it is vital for you to get the answer to the same just right.



Keep it to the point

If you have to describe yourself in a job interview, then it is essential for you to remember that you need to give out only meaningful and relevant information about yourself. It would be in your best interest to not beat around the bush. You need to keep it short, simple and crisp. Moreover, you need to answer in such a fashion that the interview panel should be able to get a thorough snapshot about yourself by simply hearing the answer to this question from you. If you are successful in leaving the interviewer spellbound, then there are heavy chances of you getting through.

What details need to be included?

Often, when you are asked to describe yourself in a job interview, most of the candidates end up staring back at the interviewer with a blank face. This is not because the candidate is unable to give away the answer. This is mainly because the candidate is unable to interpret the details that need to comprise of the answer. Let me make this easier for you. If this question is shooted at you during an interview, you can might well as begin the answer with your academic qualifications. You can then move on to talking about your past experience. You also need to talk slightly about your family and background in general. It would be wise on your part to highlight your strengths and hobbies. In the concluding part, you can simply link your plus points with the interest of the said company.

Do not Bluff

When an interviewer asks you to describe yourself in a job interview, it is absolutely necessary for you to keep your confidence level high. Your confidence will only show a upward trend if the information that you are giving out is true. In short, you need to make it a point to not make any kind of false claims about yourself, your academic achievements or performance in general. Even a single false statement can putforth a wrong impression about you. Hence, it is very important for you to stick to facts and not venture into dicy areas.

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