Expected General English questions SBI Clerical Exams 2014

State bank of India Clerk exams are currently being held across India from July 19th. We have checked the exams held so far and come up with expected questions from General English section. Questions are relatively easy so far when it comes to English section. All the students have attempted almost above 40 questions out of 50 as most of the questions are targeted on testing your basic grammar. We have listed the pattern of questions asked in ecaminations held on 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th July 2014

Exam Pattern of General English

1, Reading comprehension

2, Spotting Errors in a sentence

3, Re arrangement of sentences

4, Cloze Test

5, Fill in the Blanks

We will see below how we can make more out of the above topics and score high marks in the General English section

Cracking Reading comprehension

1, Read the passage twice before starting to answer your questions. This will give you the confidence of writing the questions asked.

2, Its not good to use outside knowledge when it comes to comprehension, though some questions may appear the best option is from outside topic comprehension section is always targeted inside the passage given.

3, Read the question carefully as sometimes the meaning of a word is different in the paragraph and may lead you to wrong decision. So please read twice the questions before answering

4, Guessing the answers is a good habit you have to develop during exam preparation. When you prepare for exams try to guess the answers and after wards check them whether they are correct or not

5, Finally check your answer sheet whether you have answered the correct answers you had in mind.

Tips for spotting errors in Sentences

1, Whenever a word starting with “H” the vowel before it will be “an” instead of “a”. eg an honor

2, Whenever Have or has is used make sure that “Have” is always used for plural verbs.

3, Each sentence will be using one conjunction only. So,we, and,or,but, as,if,yet,hence etc

4, When there is “And” coming in a sentence always use plural verbs like are, were etc

5,Propositions Mistakes

a, “Among” should be used for more than two person or things

b, “Between” will used whenever comparison within two members

c, After “Aims” come “at”

d, free of danger should come as free from danger

Easily Solve Rearrangement of sentences

1, Always check for the subject and predicate while solving Jumble sentences

2, If the sentence contains it, this, that there is high probability of the words are used for things already discussed. So it wont come first

3, Sentence beginning with “And” normally follows the first sentence in turn forms the second sentence of the passage.

4, The final sentence will normally finish with a conclusion or a ending message.

Cracking the Cloze Test

Cloze test normally needs more practice as this is basically dependent on your problem solving and decision making capability. When a sentence is given try to get the theme of the sentence and while picking words try to remove the inappropriate words first and match the best word then.

Tips to get good marks from Fill in the blanks

1, Try guessing answers without checking the four options. This will help you raise your confidence level when similar answers are given.

2, Feel the sentence and check for the positiveness or negativeness of the sentence

3, As it told in first point you might have come up with multiple choices in mind now check in options whether any words match it or synonyms of those are in the options.

We hope the above tips and notes will help you to easily score marks in the coming exams till august end.

Please also check Expected General Awareness Questions 2014 here.


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