Frequently Asked .NET Questions

Before we proceed ahead and get into details we must understand about what exactly is .NET Framework. Well, it is a special software framework which has been developed by Microsoft and it runs smoothly on Windows operating system. This software has got a large database of different software programming codes.

If you are going to appear for a .NET interview then there are few general knowledge questions that are asked and here are some of those questions explained in detail. Knowledge of these questions can prove to be highly beneficial for you.

Always keep basic questions in your mind

  • Whenever you appear for a .NET interview you need to keep few basic questions in mind. Knowledge of these basic questions can easily help you to crack the interview test in an easy and simple way. The first and the foremost basic question is what exactly is ASP.NET? This question is very simple to answer and it states that ASP.NET is a special programming language developed by the Microsoft Corporation for creating dynamic web based applications such as different web services and web sites. There are many compatible software programming languages that can be used such as Visual Basic, C # and J#. Apart from general knowledge questions this basic question also holds and importance as far as .NET interview is concerned.

Difference between ASP and .NET is also asked

  • One of the most commonly asked general knowledge questions is the difference between the ASP and .NET. The only difference between both of these is that the ASP is mainly interpreted and .NET is compiled. Normally the VB script is used in ASP and .NET makes use of the VB.NET programming language. Apart from this question there is one more question that can be asked as that is about the types of assembly being utilized. There are mainly three types of assembly and those are Public or shared Private or Application specific and Satellite.

Some more general knowledge questions

  • Among different general knowledge questions definition of managed code is also asked. Well managed code is that code which runs inside the Common Language Runtime or .NET Runtime environment.
  • Another important question is the difference between the Assembly and the Namespace. Well the main difference between Namespace and Assembly is grouping. An Assembly is a group which is physical in shape and is made up of logical units whereas Namespace is defined cluster made up of logical group classes.

The final conclusion

  • Final general knowledge questions include turning on and turning off of CAS. In order to turn-ON the CAS caspol-security on command is used whereas in order to turn-off the CAS caspol-security off command is being used.
  • You might be asked about the method for enforcing the garbage collection in .NET and the method which is being used is called as the system. GC. Collect () method.

Hence, after having proper knowledge about all these general knowledge questions you can easily go for a .NET framework interview and will be able to crack it in an easy and smooth manner.

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