Frequently Asked Interview Questions For Freshers

There are many people who appear for a WCF interview and remain highly worried about the interview questions for freshers. The real fact is that there is no need to worry about these questions as these are very easy to learn and answer. All you need is focused approach and determination for cracking the WCF interview.

 Before we proceed ahead, we must know about WCF. Well WCF is explained as Windows Communication Foundation and earlier it was called by a name indigo. WCF consists of different modules of APIs and it is a runtime application. Here are some of the most frequently asked interview questions for freshers that are related to WCF explained in detail.

Definition of WCF and contracts in WCF

This is one of the most commonly asked interview questions for freshers. WCF is a special SDK, which is mainly used for development of different services for windows which are then later deployed. There are four different types of contracts that are used with WCF and those are contracts based on service, contracts based on operation, contracts based on data and contracts based on fault.

Something about Endpoint and WCF’s unique points

Endpoint is basically the real operation or behavior of the service at a runtime. It helps in establishing a relationship between Binding, Address and Contract. The three major points in WCF are Contract, Binding and Address.

Among these interview questions for freshers there is this one more important question that is being asked. This question is also related to WCF and it asks about three different types of transaction manager that are supported by WCF. These are light weight, WS-atomic transaction and the third one is OLE transaction.

Some more interview questions for freshers

When interview questions for freshers are asked then you might be asked about WCF‘s proxy for a service. It is a special and unique class and helps the service client to interact with services and by using the proxy the application which is based on the client is able to contact various methods that are generally exposed by this service. The proxy also helps in authenticating the required input commands so that unauthorized entry can be stopped. This is required for more robust and solid framework.

There are few more interview questions for freshers that include defining the WCF data contract characteristics. The exact answer to this question says that a data contract is normally classified by using a data sample on a structure or a class.

Members of these data structures are used by the service which is generally marked with the data member attribute and the exact same type of interface is implemented with the help of selected members.

Sometimes differences between XMLSerializer and the DataContractSerializer are also asked. There are mainly four differences and these differences can be easily memorized for better understanding of this concept.

Apart from all of the above mentioned interview questions for freshers you might be asked about few coding sequences such as redirect code and execution code. Knowledge of these codes can prove to be of added advantage and will help you to steer clear the WCF interview.

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