General Awareness 10-03-2016

General Awareness 10-03-2016

1. Who is the Irish man who has developed a low cost dialysis system for Kidneys which could save millions of lives?
– Vincent Garvey.

2. What is the name of ISRO’s Independent Regional Navigation Satellite System that was launched by PSLV-C32 from Sriharikota?
– IRNSS-1F satellite.

3. What is the name of the joint military training exercise between Indian army and Indonesian army?
– Garuda Shakti-IV.

4. With which air freight company did Amazon fulfillment Services of signed an agreement to take lease of 20 flights to serve its customers from US?
– Air Transport Services Group (ATSG).

5. Who is the famous legendary music producer who was known as Fifth Beatle passed away?
– George Henry Martin.

6. Which Mobile manufacturing company has introduced SAIL User Interface?
– Panasonic.

7. What is the Maximum Sale Price (MSP) set by Agriculture Ministry for widely used Bollgard II (BG II) variety of cotton seeds?
– Rs 800 per packet.

8. What is the name given to Googles New Android N operating system?
– Nutella.

9. Which Social Networking Website included a new face swapping application?
– Facebook.

10. Mobile tablet sales in India grew up by what percentage in 2015?
– 8%.

11. Which actress entered into Guinness World Records for Painting Nails category?
– Sonakshi Sinha.

12. Who is to take the chair as the new Chairman and new Public Interest Director announced by Bombay Stock Exchange BSE?
– Sudhakar Rao.

13. Which Chinese web browser has signed a deal with Microsoft Bing and Twitter for structuring the digital cricket contents?
– UC Web Browser.

14. Which Antivirus developing company has said that their Android antivirus can now pair with a smartwatch associated with it?
– Kaspersky.

15. YES Bank has launched a all women branch known as?
– YES Grace.

16. How many India scientist has been selected by government to take part in LIGO Project?
– 37 Scientists.

17. What is the full form of LIGO?
– Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

18. How many health care ATM’s were opened?
– 5.

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