General Awareness 13-03-2016

General Awareness 13-03-2016

1. No Smoking Day is on?
– March 13.

2. Which Pakistan Cricketer said Got more love from Indian cricket players as well as from the Indian nation than from Pakistan?
– Shahid Afridi.

3. How many combinations of drugs that were sold illegally was banned in India recently?
– 300 combinations.

4. What is the name of the recently found tiny frog species in Karnataka?
– Microhyla laterite.

5. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) earth saw rapid increase level of what gas in 2015?
– Carbon dioxide (CO2).

6. A Simple finger prick test has been invented that allows to determine whether a child aged two to four is suffering from what disease?
– Celiac disease.

7. Jewelers all over India were on strike against what tax percent increase for gold and diamond jewelry in New budget?
– Excise Duty Percentage Increase.

8. The Ford Company has cut about Rs. 1.12 Lakhs on its which vehicle?
– Ford EcoSport.

9. Which leading search engine has informed that it will shut many of its features including gaming, live texts etc?
– Yahoo.

10. Who said that the Asian economies led by India will turn to be a major growth driver in the upcoming years?
– IMF Chief Christine Lagarde.

11. According to Indian President Pranab Mukerjee how many million non farm job does India require over the next decade?
– 115 Million┬áNon Farm Jobs .

12. Which online retailer has informed to give 20% hike in salary to the top performers as the part of its effort to become a meritocracy led organisation?
– Snapdeal.

13. Which State government gave its rights to private press in order to print its lottery tickets?
– Kerala Government.

14. Which social networking website has launched Beta Messenger on Windows 10?
– Facebook.

15. Who has been appointed as the Deputy Chief of Army?
– Lieutenant General N P S Hira.

Hope this article will help those candidates who were getting ready for making into government jobs.

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