General Awareness Questions From Mangalyaan Mission to Mars

During Banks exams and other competitive exams General Awareness Questions are asked from Mangalyaan or MOM mission to mars By India. Why we choose this topic because in current affairs one question is sure in any of the exams from this mission. As this is a milestone victory for India all examination will be giving more importance to this topic. So we have collected Important Questions from Mangalyaan Mission from the launch date to till date happenings.

project cost and other details

Nature of Questions Related to Mangalyaan.

Normally Banks or Other examination bodies ask indirect questions related to this mission. Sometimes its directly asked in examination but in highly competitive exams many unexpected questions are asked to test knowledge of candidates. This questions may be from other Mars missions done by other countries or Early stages of Mangalyaan Mission. Also we have possibility of Questions asked from the future plans of ISRO. We have tried our Best to bring in all information and questions that can be asked in any Bank exams or Competitive exams.

General Awareness Questions From Mangalyaan Mission

1, Other Names for Mangalyaan – MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) Mangalyaan in the sanskrit version

2, Launch date – November 5th 2013

3, Launch Pad – Sriharikota (Sathish Dawan Space centre) Andra Pradesh

4, Total days to reach Mar’s Orbit – 298 days (24th September 2014)

5, Other three Organisations launched Mars Missions Before – NASA, Soviet Space Program, European Space Agency

6, Total Project Cost – Approximately 450 Crores

7, The Space center currently Monitoring Mangalyaan is – ISTRAC at Bangalore

8, The Expected Life of the orbiter – 6 to 10 Months

9, The movie mentioned by Mr Narendra Modi while referring to the cost of Mission – Gravity

10, The spacecraft which carried the MOM – PSLV-C25

11, Total Lift off weight – 1350 Kg where as the orbiter weight was only 15 kg

12, Major Objectives of the Mission – Exploring Mars Surface ,atmosphere, Minerals and Morphology (study of Structure of Organisms)

13, Three phases of MOM – Geo Centric Phase, Helio Centric Phase,Martian Phase

14, Other Mars Mission parallely launched with MOM – MAVEN by NASA ( Launched on November 13th and landed on September 22nd)

15, Total Mars Missions Launched so far – 21 Successful and 30 Unsucessful Missions

16, What is D day – The day when Mangalyaan Entered Mars Orbit September 24th 2014

17, List of Scientists behind Mangalyaan Mission

mangalyaan scientists list

Please share in comments if you found any other questions important related to India’s Historic Mars Mission. Thank you.


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