GRE Test Tips : Crack at First Go

(GRE) GRE Test Tips can help you a lot to get through GRE. Graduate Record Test, or GRE, is a standardized test that is taken in order to evaluate the eligibility of the candidates for admission into graduate schools in the United States, other English speaking nations and English graduate and business courses in all countries of the world. It was created in 1949 and is still administered by the Educational Testing Service, or ETS, and seeks to evaluate the candidates in terms of verbal reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning. GRE does not ask for specialized knowledge in any particular field, instead seeking to test the ability of the students to apply common sense, logic perception and reasoning. Here are a few GRE test tips that will help you to become familiar with the new GRE pattern and be able to crack it at the first go.

GRE test tips

Know your fundamentals

The first one from the GRE test tips is that you need to set right your knowledge of the fundamentals. First of all, you have to secure your GRE dates if it is possible. For the obvious reasons, it will be more convenient for you. In order to register yourself for sitting for the examination, you need to pay 185$ upfront using your credit card. Make sure that you are filling your form up and submitting it early, since it happens more than often that the many students fail to secure their preferable dates for the GRE exam because of them being filled up earlier.

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Solve Previous Year Papers

Second of all, you need to prepare yourself mentally as well as practically for the pattern of the GRE tests which is now following the new GRE pattern. Divided into six individual parts – the verbal section, quantitative section, analytical writing section, issue task, argument task and experimental section – the GRE is a computerised exam of 100 marks for each paper. Try solving previous years GRE question paper in order to be familiarized with the pattern of questions and the type of presence of mind demanded.

Analyse and set up your own strategy

Always remember that those who plan a proper strategy are able to go much farther than those who do not. Strategizing your action for the new GRE pattern will also help you in order to familiarize yourself with the criteria of the exam and know the paper better, in the process making the course of going through it easy and smooth. If you are not confident enough to do this on your own, it is always suggested to take expert help and advice. This is one of the most basic GRE Test Tips which others generally avoid.

Manage your Time Intelligently and Productively

For any exam, proper management of time is one of the trickiest yet basic things that will help you get through it. The suggested time management for the new GRE pattern is provided, but of course you are free to tailor it according to your own preference.

a)    Text completion: 30 to 90 seconds for each question depending on the number of blanks.

b)    Quantitative comparisons: 1 minute 15 seconds for each question.

c)     Sentence equivalence: 45 seconds for each question.

d)    Reading comprehension: 1 minute 30 second for each question.

e)    Discrete quant: 2 minutes per question.

f)      Data interpretation: 2 minutes per question.

Once you keep this GRE test tips in mind, it will become very easy to crack the GRE. Always remember that it is not very difficult to achieve success at GRE – but it needs a lot of practice and complete dedication.

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