How to Write a Follow up Letter After an Interview

How to write a follow up letter after an interview ? Normally as you will agree with me, we do a lot of preparation for an interview. We approach personnel placement agencies for suitable job offers, go through ‘appointment’ columns of various news papers just to find a job matching with our educational qualifications and also the experience on the job so far. Once we come across a suitable job or get an invite for interview either from the placement agency or direct from the employer, we start updating resume, drafting a covering letter, making a set of copies of educational, sports and other extra curriculum activity certificates. We courier the papers to the prospective employer and wait to hear the details of interview venue, date and time. After all this, we land up for the actual interview.

Let us read some more tips on how to write a follow up letter after an interview.

The Final Battle & More

You will appreciate why we have said so much about interviews because we attach a lot of stake to the interview process, the questions and answers exchanged between you and the interviewer and thereafter, your personal judgment to decide whether you would be successful in getting the job offer. This is all fine.

Thank You is the Key 

job follow up letter

However please tell me frankly, having finished the interview have you ever realized that something is not mentioned properly at the interview, something is left out due to pressure felt at the interview. We are sure your reply will be affirmative. Also, you may have felt that the interviewer or the panel was very friendly and supporting towards you, taking lots of interest in your educational qualifications or job achievements and so on.  Now the question is how to reciprocate to the interviewers for the kind courtsey extended to you during the interview. The simple answer is a “Thank You” letter. Lets discuss when and what to write in your “Thank You” letter.



Time Frame & Facts to be included

It is suggested that the “Thank You” letter should be written and mailed within next 2 working days after the interview. At the outset, you should profusely thank the interviewer for the interest shown in your candidature and the opportunity given to you to personally visit and discuss your educational qualifications and professional achievements. You should also mention about the organization and how much you would like to be associated with it.

Talk a little about you & include Missed Points

The next point you should write about how much your candidature suits the job offer discussed at the interview. You must cover those points which probably you could not explain in detail at the interview. Also, you may include the points skipped by you at the time of the interview. Having mentioned all this, what is important is to demonstrate your positive attitude and good manners to the interviewers. You can write a hand written letter (if your hand writing is good) or send a computerized letter or an e-mail.

Stay Patient

You may ask me whether you will grab the job after all this. Well the answer is “yes” and “no” both. If matter progresses well post your interview, you may be called for the final round of discussion and given an offer letter. In another scenario, the interviewer would have told you just before finishing the interview that they would be finalizing the appointment within a week. Hence, if you don’t hear from the organization ever after a week, you should contact the person who interviewed you or send another “Thank You” letter and enquiring about the status of your application for the job. We hope now you know how to write a follow up letter after an interview.

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