IBPS IT Officers Interview Questions

Institute Of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an autonomous firm that acts as a bridge between candidate to Public Sector Banks through its recruitment Process. In this article we are providing with some of the common IT Officers Interview Questions.

Apart From Personal details, Usually IT Officers Interview is solely based on certain area ie, Networking, DBMS, Data Mining, few basic mathematical formulas, general awareness questions and other basic Computer software related questions.

NOTE : We cannot limit the answers, so we are providing only the questions as it will help you to gather more details on the topic or question.

Questions From Networking:

1. What is Computer Network?
2. What is a Switch?
3. What is a Router?
4. What is a Bridge?
5. What do you meant by Modem?
6. Difference between Modulator and Demodulator.
7. Difference between Hub and Gateway.
8. Have a brief study on Network Layers.
9. About leading Operating Systems and the difference between them.
10. About IPv4 and IPv6.
11. What is Cryptography? Its Types.
12. What is virus?
13. What is Spyware?
14. What is Malware?
15. What do you meant by Antivirus? Its roles.

Questions From Database Management System:

1. What is DBMS?
2. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS.
3. What is SQL?
4. What is Normalization?
5. What are the types of Normalization?
6. About Oracle.
7. Brief about DB2.
8. Types of Databases.
9. Types of Relationship Diagrams.
10. About Codd’s Rule.
11. What is ER Model.
12. What is hierarchical model?

Questions From Data Mining and Data Warehousing:

1. What is Data Mining?
2. What is Data Warehousing?
3. Difference between Data Mining and Data Warehousing.
4. Difference between OLAP and OLTP.
5. What is Star Schema and Snow-flake Schema?
6. What do you meant by Surrogate keys?
7. What is decision tree algorithm?
8. What is sequence cluster algorithm?
9. Difference between discrete and continuous data.
10. What do you mean by data purging?
11. About Time Series Algorithm.

Other Important Random Questions:

1. What is FIFO, LIFO, FILO?
2. What is Stack, Queue?
3. What do you meant by data structure?
4. What is Artificial Intelligence?
5. Difference between ROBOT and Human Being.
6. What is microprocessor?
7. What is ASCII?
8. What are gates? Its Types.
9. Inventors of Computer Programming languages.
10. What do you meant by IC?

Hope this help you. We wish you all the best to all the candidates who have cleared the written examination and are about to the take Interview from our team crackaninterview.

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