Interview Questions for Lab Technicians with answers

Lab Technician – In this post we had covered a bit of general questions along with technical questions. We have chosen the question based on experience by people who faced the interview and experts advice on interview.Before we move on to the questions please make sure you visit the company website and what they are specialised in. Read your CV and note the points related to the company.Familiarise with the standards they are using in the labs such as ISO certifications or any other quality management systems.During interview please give direct answers and examples wherever possible.As every lab has their own accuracy levels please go through the interviewer’s website for their accuracy levels and their special tests  We will Start with few general questions.

Question 1: How did you get into this field?

This question is a tricky one as the field’s exposure is limited, So be honest and let the interviewer know why you are really here. A good answer will be your attraction towards science and how you can help people by being on this field.

Question 2 : Do you have a tough day in your past experience?

We advice you to comment on how your planning and skills were utilised to overcome those tough days not just explaining the difficulty of that day

Question 3 : Recent developments in Lab Research?

Please make sure to read few magazine before going for interviews related to this field and get a basic knowledge on whats going on.

Question 4: What is GLP and who developed it?

GLP – Good Laboratory Practise first introduced by OECD

Question 5: ISO 15189

Quality Management system for Testing and calibration laboratories

Question 6: Full form of EHR and EMR ?

EHR – Electronic health record, EMR – Electronic Medical record

Question 7: LOINC?

Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes

Question 8: What you know about Pippeting?

Few Answers should be

  • Pre wet the Pipette
  • Work at ambient temperatures
  • Examination of Tip before sampling
  • Pull back your Pipette straight out
  • While aspirating tip should not be immersed in liquid deeply

Question 9: Mounting techniques used in placing samples on Microscope?

  • Dry Mount
  • Wet Mount
  • Permanent mount
  • Strew Mount
  • Mounting Medium

Question 10: List few Aqueous mounting Medium?

Glyserol, Gelatin, Cygel Etc.

Question 11 : Different kinds of Sterilization?

Sterilization Methods

Question 12 : What is Calibration curve?

Study of concentration of a sample and comparing it with pre standards

Question 13 : Technique used to find the concentration levels?


We hope this questions will help you to answer lab interviews in a better way. We wish you good luck on your interview. Thank you




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