Job v/s Entrepreneurship : Which One is Best for your Future?

One word that tends to best represent the current era is none other than the concept of competition. Be it the job market or even the business arena for that matter, you are likely to come across cut-throat competition come what may. However, in the end it’s your sole discretion as to whether you would like to engage yourself in a nine to five job or simply go ahead and unveil your very own business. Inspite of having said this, we would still like to bring to the notice of our readers that if statistics and benefits were to be taken into consideration, then in that case there is no thinking twice and one should definitely consider going ahead and settling down towards running ones self launched business. This is especially true in case of all the youngsters out there.

Work at your Leisure

Most of us who fall in the age bracket of young teens are of the opinion that they should get all the freedom as far as deciding on the work timings in particular is concerned. However, in a job scenario one cannot really exert any control on the work timings and is thus required to report to duty on time, but on the other hand there is no fixed time as far as your relieval for that particular day is concerned.


This problem can be easily overcome, if you decide to venture into entrepreneurship. This is because as an entrepreneur you are free to decide the number of hours as well as the time frame that you would like to allocate to your business duties. Eventually, in a business set up you get to work at your leisure.

Make Your Own Decisions

Most of the youngsters like to make their own decisions with regards to all aspects that are directly as well as indirectly related to them. If you decide to work with any company at large, then in that case all you have to do is pay heed to the orders directed by your seniors. This is because most of the decisions come from the top management. This limitation can be easily taken care of if you decide to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you are required to not only make routine decisions, but at the same time will be required to face sudden situations where decisions would be required to be taken. This would allow you to enjoy as much exposure as possible with regards to decision making.

Break the Monotony

“Variety is the Spice of Life”, this is one proverb that is closely watched and believed by a good number of teens out there. This saying can be rightly brought into practice if change is constant in the tasks that are being performed by you. You all will agree hands on that one is caught in the monotony of duties as far as job related environment is concerned. You are made accountable for specific tasks and thus you have to focus only on them. This can be easily avoided in case of entrepreneurship, because as an entrepreneur you get to make your presence felt in any and every area at large, which eventually presents you with a sufficient amount of diversity and brings an end to boredom and inconsistency.

Say Yes to Advancement

Who doesn’t like to grow and develop? Each one of us surely does. However, if we were to make a quick comparison between a job vacancy and a business unit, then we can easily conclude that the scope of advancement is way to higher for an entrepreneur as compared to an employee of any firm at large. This is because in a job set up you are simply getting paid for the services that are offered by you and you are not really involved in any vital areas of regular functioning. However, on the other hand as an entrepreneur you are required to put in some capital and so also bear risks, which is exactly why you are free to decide as to when you would like to advance and how.

Sport a Charming Personality

Each one of us desires to portray a shimmering personality. As you all must be very well aware, your personality is the result of your engagements and experiences at large. As an individual involved in a job in particular, you tend to enjoy a limited exposure and thus cannot touch many areas that are vital for your overall betterment. This is not the case with respect to a business set up. As an entrepreneur, you are the innovator, risk bearer, problem solver, leader, decision maker among others, which eventually offers you umpteen amount of revelation that helps build a dazzling persona.

All said and done, we can simply conclude that considering the above points it would always be wise to become an entrepreneur instead of just fitting oneself in a non challenging and rigid job.

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