Joining a Software Company after Studying in a Core Subject- Is it a Good idea?

Each and every one of you who has completed his or her studies taking into consideration a core subject must have often had an encounter with two conflicting views as far as taking up a job is concerned. The first school of thought must have revolved around opting for a core company in order to pursue your career. However, on the other hand, the other school of thought must have volunteered for going ahead and opting for a software company. The core company v/s software company debate is an ongoing one. However, let us now try to figure out whether or not joining a software company after studying in a core subject is fruitful.

Salary Consideration

Ninety Five percent people rely on the pay package before shortlisting the job that they would like to go ahead and take up. Especially for the younger generation salary has become a lucrative consideration, while other attributes are considered secondary. If you are an individual who tends to carry a similar thinking, then in that case it would be wise on your part to opt for a software company even though you have completed your studies with a core subject. This is strictly because software companies are believed to pay way more higher as compared to the core companies at large.

Job Stability

software company

In today’s date, heavy competition can be witnessed in the market. Each and every individual is trying to outdo the other on the basis of both academic as well as professional considerations. If we were to get an overview of the software companies at large, then we will come to realize that the lay off rates are quite high in these companies. Similarly, the rate of retention is seen showing a downward trend. This is not the case with respect to the core companies. Core companies are known to offer spot on job security and so also the rate of retension is quite high. Hence, if we were to go by this parameter, then core comppanies have an upper hand over the software ones.


Career Development

In each of our career spans, the only desire that we tend to hold is to move up the career ladder. As far as career growth in general is concerned, software companies are known to offer much more as compared to core companies. Software companies are known to have preset career scales, the aim of which is to offer you bang on clarity and so also a well defined direction. This is believed to be completely absent in case of most of the core companies. Hence, all those people who are looking forward to make a worthwhile career and that also in comparatively less number of years, must choose software companies hands on irrespective of the fact that you have studied a core subject.

Campus Placements

Yet another approach adopted by software companies, which is seen missing in case of most of the core companies is to go ahead and initiate campus recruitment drives. Most of the engineering students stick to the jobs they first receive on the campus. Moreover, they don’t seem to be interested in an immediate shift. Call it mere coincidence or just another benefit of doubt, this leads to software companies having a upper hand over the core ones. All in all, software companies tend to pick a major pool  of human resources in one shot itself, thus leaving behind core companies empty handed.

All said and done, we can simply come to the conclusion that going ahead with a software company even after having studied a core subject is not really a bad idea.

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