Last Minute Tips for IBPS Clerk Preliminary Exams 2015

IBPS Clerk Preliminary exams are scheduled on first week of December. So we would like to bring you up the last minute tips to prepare for the exams. As the pattern has changed we strongly recommend you to go over though IBPS PO preliminary question paper if available with to get an idea on how the questions will be. The exam will be conducted in a fast mode with only 60 minutes to answer 100 questions. Also as the General knowledge part is taken off there will be no time saving option in the table. We will explore how to make most out of the three sections Quantitative Aptitude, English knowledge and Reasoning Ability. We will also look over few good sources to crack these sections in less time.

Quantitative Aptitude Tips to Save time


– While solving Series please look for the pattern to find the next number in series. Please rule out easy ones such as Addition, subtraction or multiplication. The patterns you should look for is

1, Geometric Series – Whenever a number is multiplied or divided by a unknown number which will gives you the next number. Eg 8,56,392,2744

2, Mix up of Two Arithmetic Functions – Here you will find the first number is subjected to addition or subtraction and the next number will be subjected to multiplication or division. Eg 4,6,12,14,28

Youtube Video that Describes the Tips to solve Series Fast –

Quadratic Equation

As you know this is a tricky part and its not that easy to remember all the equations and it may end up in time consuming if you don’t get the idea in the first place. So Lets focus on the previous quadratic questions asked in bank exams to eliminate the huge area. Please download the PDF containing previous year Quadratic Equations questions here PDF Download

Data Interpretation

We will recommend three thumb rules while solving the data interpretation problems. It carries 10 marks so its not good to ignore this question.

Fraction of Numbers- Please look over the below image and try to remember this

Fraction of numbers from 1 to 20

Fast Calculations- We know its not easy to study the tips for fast calculation in this short time available with us. So we recommend to watch this 4 episode youtube playlist which will be useful for you to learn in such a short term. Youtube Playlist

Analyze and Forget Assuming – Please note this don’t ever assume the answers unless you got it from a calculation. The answers may trick you to go with wrong ones.

English Knowledge Tips to Save Time

Reading Comprehension

– We brought you five tests to learn and solve these part. Before going on to take tests please take this test  to find how fast you are reading. It actually shows how much words you can read per minute-

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5

Cloze Test

– Though 5 marks is awarded for this question, this will be the fastest 5 marks you can get in the Prelims exams.Please find the following rules while solving a Cloze test.

tense rules for solving cloze tests

Comparative or Superlative – 100 Superlative words to remember

Para Jumbled Sentences

Tip 1 – Check for the category the Paragraph falls into – 1, All sentences are jumbled, 2, Starting sentence and ending sentence are in their order whereas middle sentences are jumbled,3,Start sentence will be in order whereas others are not in order, 4, Closing statement is in order others are not.

Tip 2 – Look for sentences starting with Once upon a time, Long time ago to start the paragraph

Tip 3 – Smart Thinking, Look at the options you will get an idea for the common sentence featuring in all options at the same place.

Tip 4 – Finding the hidden Link – Link two sentences which are easy first first.

Reasoning Ability Tips to Save Time

Sitting Arrangement

We already have a dedicated post for sitting arrangement session which we suggest you to go through.Once you go though the tips please take this two tests and find how good you are. Tests

Syllogism Questions

Venn Diagrams – Please read the statements first and make this statements in a venn diagram form for answering the questions. This is the most successful and easiest way to solve syllogism.


venn digram for solving syllogism

Coding – Decoding

Well Please take this 200 Coding Decoding Test to check how good you are on solving the problems. Explanation is also given below every question. Once you are done with all the 200 questions we hope you are good enough to take down the IBPS Clerk Coding decoding section easily.


We recommend only one this while solving Puzzle questions. Draw a figure whether it may be a North south arrangement or circular arrangement or combination of directions and colors.

solve circular seating with diagram

We hope the above tips will come in handy for your last minute preparation for IBPS Preliminary Clerical Exams. Let us know your thoughts in comments and we wish you all the best for the upcoming examinations. Thank you.



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