Meet the World’s Youngest CEO – Mr. Suhas Gopinath

Talking about breakthrough entrepreneurship in the area of information technology the first name that is obvious to pop up in each of our minds is none other than Suhas Gopinath. For all you people who are unaware, let me tell you that Suhas Gopinath is that one of its kind personality who came to be successfully recognized as the youngest CEO in the world. To be more specific, Suhas Gopinath is known to have founded Globals Inc, which is nothing, but a hallmark IT multinational. One feature that tends to drastically distinguish Suhas Gopinath from his counterparts is the fact that he is known to have incorporated his company at a mere age of fourteen.

Height, Weight & Age are simply Numbers


It is never too early or never too late to kickstart your own venture. Your height, weight or age can never really act as deterrents in your business career. If you have any doubts on this, then it’s time for you to acquaint yourself with Suhas Gopinath and take instant inspiration from him. Gopinath was just another young lad when he launched his IT Multinational, Global Incs. At a ripe age of fourteen, it was all blazers, trousers and boots for this boy whose moustache was also yet to fully grow. When teenagers of his age were busy watching movies and setting out on long stretched outings, Suhas Gopinath use to be hooked in front of his computer. He is often heard quoting that his neverdie spirit is solely responsible for helping him to reach the pinnacle after overcoming umpteen of obstacles and so also giving a tough stand to hypocritical notions. Are you a teenager who has been dreaming about establishing your own company? Hurry up and set the tables rolling.

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What was Suhas’s Early Life like?

Suhas Gopinath is known to be born in Bangalore on November 4, 1986. Yet another outstanding attribute associated with Suhas Gopinath is nothing, but his accomplishment towards rolling out a website in the same year when his company came to be incorporated. Right from his childhood days, he is believed to be following this one and only one motto which is nothing, but the never say die spirit. In the very initial days, Suhas Gopinath is known to have begun with building websites and also selling off portals to a good number of brick and mortar firms based in the US.

Breaking the Middle Class Notion

Suhas is known to belong to a middle class family whose values and principles don’t allow the youngsters in the community to take up business as ones full time profession. Moreover, individuals running any kind of business are looked down upon as every business person is viewed to be an individual who lacks the much needed academic sense. Inspite of all these hardships, Suhas Gopinath is known to have stood up against all odds and decided to kickstart his own business, which in itself sets a huge example to all the unstable youngsters out there. Let us also not forget, the pinnacle that Suhas Gopinath has successfully reached as on date.

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The Shimmering Journey

Coming from a mediocre South Indian family and most importantly fighting against all odds Suhas Gopinath is known to have launched his very own business venture, which is now seen touching the global platform. This is one vital reasons that puts Suhas Gopinath on the forefront and so also allows him to stand tall as the ultimate brainwave for all the other ambitious youngsters who tend to hold similar dreams. Hence, all said and done by taking cues from Suhas Gopinath we can rightly state that nothing is impossible if you have a strong will, dedication and devotion towards achieving your goal. “A middle class family cannot really act as an obstacle towards running a successful business venture”, is something that is absolutely proved by Suhas Gopinath.

The Indian Institute of Science Faux Pas

Suhas Gopinath has had an encounter with several such occassions, wherein people have badly failed to recognize him all thanks to his simple and lean appearance. However, out of all the instances that have taken place, one instance that has surprisingly become the talk of the town is about the incident that took place at The Indian Institute of Science located in Bangalore.

The Indian Institute of Science had hosted a seminar on “The Education System in India”, which Suhas Gopinath was scheduled to attend. On reaching the gates of this Institute, he happened to have a rendezvous with the security guard out there who stopped Gopinath from entering the Institute on the pretext that the seminar is being conducted only for established CEO’s. The security guard had his own doubts all thanks to Suhas’s teenage appearance. The guard has then gone ahead and asked Suhas to present his ID, but Suhas was only able to produce his visiting cards. Finally, Suhas Gopinath had to go ahead and make some calls, after which he was allowed in. The hilarious part here was that Suhas Gopinath was there not as an audience, but as the core speaker on the dias.


Suhas Gopinath is known to have attained a good deal of accolades right from the year when he chose to begin his business oriented career. Firstly, he is known to have been awarded with Karnataka’s Rajyotsava Award. One distinct feature with respect to the said award is that Suhas is known to be the youngest receiver out of the one seventy five eligible recipients. Apart from this, in the year 2007, Gopinath went ahead to receive the Young Achiever Award at the European Parliament. Above all, he is also known to be invited to represent World Banks’s ICT Leadership Roundtable. Last, but not the least comes his very pivotal achievement, which was nothing, but getting hold of the Young Global Leader title for the year 2008-2009 which was presented by the World Economic Forum.

If you happen to be a young lad who aims at establishing a successful business of yourself must now make it a point to take inspiration from Suhas Gopinath and go ahead to launch your baby with utmost dedication, devotion and ofcourse determination.

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