10 Most Common Questions Asked In A Job Interview

The word interview tends to scare most of us. This is mainly because of the wrong notions that are held by people about interview programs in general. However, if you are an individual who has attended an array of interviews till date, then you are sure to have a casual outlook towards interview programs. This is mainly because, after attending a number of interviews at a stretch, you come to realize that the pattern of questions followed by the interviewers is more or less the same and thus striking the right chord is not very difficult. Let us read about the 10 most common questions asked in a job interview: 

Tell Me Aomething About Yourself

Any time when you are to attend an interview, the first question that is likely to be shot towards you is regarding yourself. This question is generally asked in order to put you at ease and at the same time to get to know you better. As an answer to this question, you need to share your educational achievements, family background, relevant hobbies, past work experience if any among others.

What Brings You Here?

The next question that is likely to come towards you is regarding the reason that has brought you to that particular interview. In this question, you should avoid telling the interviewer that you are in need of a job. Instead, you can begin by praising the company and end it by humbly quoting that it would be an honor to associate with the said company.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

crack an interview Yet another important question that tends to frequently pop up in the interview rounds, is regarding your strong and weak points. It is essential for you to only state those strengths that are relevant to your job profile. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you don’t end up giving away too many of your weaknesses.

Where Do you See Yourself in the Near Future?

Most of the interviewers ask you about the goals and objectives that you wish to achieve in the near future. You need to be extremely practical while answering this question. You need to show that you have deep interest in pursuing a successful career and have a clear vision to work towards the same.

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Why Should we Hire you?

Apart from the above questions another question that tends to steal the show during various interview rounds is related to the interviewer’s interest to know about the reasons why they should hire you. In this question you need to be largely humble and talk about your inclination towards the company and deep desire to contribute to its success.

What are your Salary Expectations?

The primary reason that attracts us to any job is ofcourse the monetary benefits attached with the same. In most of the interview programs, you are asked about your salary expectations in the first round itself. You need to be adopt a reasonable approach towards this question. Similarly, you should avoid sounding too demanding.

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Why Have you Left your Previous Job?

This is a common question that is thrown towards to especially when you appear for an interview keeping in mind a lucrative job switch. Make sure that you avoid giving out complaints about your previous company or your bosses in general. Instead, just say that you are looking forward to try your hands in some other additional areas.

What Would be a Suitable Joining Date for You?

If the interviewer has made up his mind about hiring you, then this question will definitely come in the scene. While answering this question make sure that you think twice as constant altering of dates would put you forth as a confused individual. Instead calculate your notice period if any well in advance before giving out your joining date during the interview.

Would You be Comfortable in Relocating?

If it’s a multinational company or a wide spread unit that you are applying for, then this question will definitely appear. You need to be completely honest while answering this question. If you are okay with relocating you can simply agree for the same. If not, then you can give any genuine reasons at hand.

Please Share Some References

Last, but not the least the interviewer would request you to share some references. Make sure that you choose only some reliable people as references. At times, the interviewer might also want to have a word with your previous employer. It is essential for you to intimate your previous employer well in advance, so that you are not caught in the soup.

Once you have gone through this list of 10 most common questions asked in a job interview , you are sure to get one or two questions common.  Best of luck for your interview ! 

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