Public Relations Salary: 5 Things You Need To Know

Public relations is now a widely acclaimed job opportunity which many bright students desire to take up, when they turn to study mass communications as their major subject. Normally the offered public relations salary is much more than most of other jobs that are available to the fresher of this particular stream.

So it is very important for today’s students to know the important factors about public relations salary that will help them boost their career in this field.

What is Public relations?

public relation salary

Till date it is not absolutely clear to all youngsters that exactly what is public relations, hence this ignorance often leads them to neglect their natural abilities to write and speak freely. They should know that a person involved in maintaining public relations in any organization, need to maintain cordial relationship on behalf of his/her company with the clients, partners and the employees of that organization, apart from providing essential information of the company to the public. Therefore all organization, either private or government, require expert people with a public relations degree who will be the face of their employers in any commercial conference or before the press.


The goodwill and the performance of each organization largely depend on the expertise of these public relations professionals. Hence it is necessary on part of the management to satisfy their needs sufficiently, which prompts to pay them handsome pay packages than other employees. But the ranges of public relations salary varies according to the size of the employer organization and the job profile as well.

Public Relations Salary

The salary of public relations professional can be less than 30K, while it can go up to even above 1 Lakh per month. The designations offered are generally Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Director, Public Relations Specialist, Media Relations Manager, Communication Editor and Communications Representative; but the generation of these designations totally depends of the experience and expertise of the employees in question.

Public Relation Careers

The positions of Print Production Manager, Creative Manager and Trade Show Manager are some other options of public relation careers offered to eligible candidates in the market, though the overall job profile will vary according to the situation and the nature of the job offered.


Normally all the public relations jobs require skilled people with a degree in this stream. Some multi-national companies even demand good percentage in the academic results of the candidates and prefer the students of reputed organizations than those from lesser known colleges. Also the candidates need to be presentable in appearance, apart from having excellent communication skills.

Public relations salary depends totally on the skills of these professionals, thus this high pay is fully justified as per the modern job requirements. The fresher are most liable to be appointed as Public Relations Specialist or Communications Representative in any medium sized company. Initially some fresher can also get jobs as Speech writers for famous personalities or the senior officials of some companies. But the pay packages of the jobs of this field are best offered in metropolitan or even large cities, compared to the smaller towns. Hence it is advisable of these professionals to flock to the preferable cities for obtaining better future.

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