Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

You will agree with me that the first important step towards grabbing an open job opportunity is the job interview. Hence, it would be wise on your part to not take interviews lightly. You must be well acquainted with the fact that a job interview is nothing, but a professional platform where both employers and employees are expected to have a rendezvous in order to find a common ground and eventually enjoy a win-win situation. Moreover, it is basically a do or die situation, wherein you as an interviewee will never have a second chance. It is simply like a live show in which you are expected to do right the first time. Let us go through the questions you should never ask in a job interview :

Overview of the Interview Arena

It is a common procedure to call short listed candidates at a venue, day & timings decided by the company for job interviews well in advance. The best part is that every candidate is given spaced out timings to accommodate him or her in the schedule and so also to ensure smooth functioning of the interviewing process. Hence, it is quite obvious that every candidate has a fair chance to prove himself or herself superior to other candidates in any interview at random.

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As normally said and you will agree with me that when you are planning to attend a job interview, you have to dress well, prepare yourself well and carry all the necessary documents. During the job interview, you should be confident, respectful, polite and listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking before rushing with your answers. Nevertheless, you know there will be lots of questions from the interviewers and every time you must be eagerly waiting to hear from the interviewer that you are selected or short listed.


While all the above is mentioned about job interviews, do keep in mind that often job interview meetings are concluded by asking the candidates if he or she has any questions to ask. This gives you a great opportunity to ask straight to the company representative – the interviewer about the job profile, company’s expectations and any other heads revolving around the said topic. However, please don’t think that you are not being observed by the interviewer during the concluding round. It is very important for you to ask meaningful questions and avoid getting caught in the trap. Let us now proceed and discuss some of the questions that you should necessarily avoid asking the interviewer during or before concluding the meeting.

Avoid “W’s” as much as Possible

First and foremost, questions starting with what you mean by this ? or Why is this ? and so on should be strictly avoided. Instead, you can frame your questions like May I know some details about … ? or Sir, could you please share some more details about the company’s Vision, Mission and Goal ? If you do this, you will not only be successful in getting answers to your questions, but at the same time will across as a polite personality.

Materialistic Questions are a strict No

Next up, questions which are not pertinent at the interview stage, like when will you get a promotion to the next scale or what designation will be conferred upon you in due course of time should not find place in your mind. Instead, you can ask about the company’s internal promotion policy or just shoot four words which are Prospects for Career Development.


Do away with Salary is Everything Attitude

Similarly, questions to be skipped knowingly are those related to the salary package or perk and allowances in general. Actually speaking, this question comes up automatically during the last round of job interview meeting, where the interviewer wants to know your current salary & perks and your expectation from the new employer. So it’s better if you avoid venturing into the aforementioned area.

Don’t Question the Company’s Policy

Furthermore, questions about the company’s policy regarding coming late to work on a particular day or enjoying overtime benefits for working for some extra hours should be totally avoided. This shows lack of commitment on your part and also the tendency for not exerting yourself when demanded by the company. Hence, it is in your best interest to skip this topic altogether.

Avoid stressing on your Luxury Needs

Last, but not the least questions about present day culture about using internet sites for chatting with friends or staying connected on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Wayne within the company premises should be left behind. It is ridiculous to ask suck questions during the preliminary stages of job interviews and thus are a BIG NO.

In the end, it is crucial for you to remember that you are making a lasting impression in front of the interviewer with each of your questions. Hence, make it a point to stand out among your competitors by avoiding irrelevant questions. Also do go through most impressive answers to interview questions in order to rock the interview!

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