Reasoning Questions for IBPS Clerk 2015 Preliminary Exams

IBPS 2015 Clerk Notification is out and they are also following the SBI exam pattern of Preliminary and Mains Exams. We are here to help you get through the Preliminary exams, 35 marks are allotted for the Reasoning part. We will guide you through most of the sub parts in reasoning and techniques to solve them. As you know reasoning is not about formulae or what you study in books, its use of mind to solve them.

Circular Arrangement Questions.

Circular arrangement or seating arrangement questions has the high probability to be asked on Reasoning section. Information given on the questions are key to solve this riddles. So concentrate more on each and every words of the question.

Direction plays an important role on circular arrangement. In the questions they will give you only directions,most of you may get confuse on how to take this directions. Please see the below image and follow this directions.

directions for seating arrangement


From the above picture you can see the directions. We advice you to start from the bottom. If any X member is given in the beginning of the question please put his position on bottom of the circle. This will make you remove the confusion created over directions. Apart from right and left words you may come across opposite or adjacent. For opposite just divide the circle with lines so that you can immediately identify the opposite person. Now the word adjacent means persons on your left and right side.

In some questions there will be two stories going on to make you more confused. So while solving such questions please draw circles as shown below so that it will be easy. Questions may be like “Person A was born in Mumbai and so on”.

two stories in circular arrangement


Linear Arrangement Questions.

row and rectangle arrangement

From the above picture you can see there are two types of linear arrangements. Either Row wise or in a rectangle or square. ¬†While solving the seat arrangement questions list out the¬†conditions Eg. “A is sitting at the end of Row”. Make a list of such conditions and check for fixed ones such as above. You can fix the person at the end of the row. Sometimes confusion may arise between immediate Right and Right, if both of these given in the same question simple right means the person can be on any place but just right, if immediate right means he is sitting next to the X person. Also please make sure you know the North ,South, East, West Directions. For easiness please draw it beside the row or circle.

Videos of Seating Arrangement Questions.

The video playlist here are added from different sources. Many experts with live explanations will help you to explore the questions of different mode.

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