SBI Associated PO 2014 Tips for Descriptive Test Paper

SBI Associated PO Syllabus contains two parts including 50 marks for Descriptive paper. We come up with tips and guidance on how to prepare for this section. The Written examination is different from other banking exams as you need to write elaborate answers. Its divided into 5 sections each given 10 marks. Your command over English and vocabulary will be tested in this section. Though additionally we have a English part still we have 50 questions asked in objective type which contains 50 questions. Most of us are used to such descriptive questions in school days during the 10th and plus 2 examinations. Its good to recall those portion while preparing. While answering such questions banking officials will be looking for the pattern, style and basic grammar of your writing.

Descriptive Test Pattern for SBI Assosiated Po 2014

1, Reading Comprehension or Critical Reading – 10 Marks

2, Short Precise Writing – 10 Marks

3, Essay Writing – 12 marks

4, Paragraph Writing Р8 marks

5, Letter writing – 10 Marks

We will look into one by one. Apart from the style always try to be simple while writing such passages. Don’t try to use difficult words or phrases if you are not sure about the meaning.

Reading Comprehension / Critical Reading – 7 Must follow steps

  • Read the paragraph carefully before answering questions
  • Majority of the questions will be asked from starting and final portion of the passage. So give importance to this particular section while reading.
  • Its good to pin point the sentence from which the question is asked but please spare time to read the before and after sentence in order to get the idea of author.
  • Understanding the questions are most important so please carefully read the questions twice before answering.
  • Please note that your opinion is not asked , so just go for what the paragraph so.
  • Synonyms – They are asked for some unfamiliar words, in such cases look for similar words inside passage itself.
  • Underlining important points is a good practice.

Time to be allotted for this section – 3 minutes for reading and 7 minutes for selecting the right ones.

Short Precise Writing – 5 Tips to score high

The main theme of precise writing is to shorten a big paragraph in your own words. As per international standards you should bring down a 600 word passage to a 200 one ie one third version of the original one.

Before moving on to tips on how to write this please check a sample below


  • Title: The important thing with the precise is the title, its should be catchy and it should be relative to the paragraph
  • Order: Don’t miss the order of sentences or idea. If the idea is jumbles it doesn’t make sense to read it.
  • Eliminate unwanted things such as Examples, phrases, similar sentences
  • Don’t Copy Paste: Only borrow the idea not words from the main passage. Write it in your own words.
  • Grammar: Write the passage in a third person’s view and indirect speech

Essay Writing – Expected Topics to be asked in SBI Associated PO

list of titles

Must Noted Points before writing a essay

  • Essay topic should be selected carefully. You will be given options so select which topic you are strong at.
  • While selecting topics make sure you know the maximum number of facts about it.
  • Now recall on what you know about the specific topic.
  • Three mains parts of the essay is Introduction, Body and conclusion
  • The introduction part will give a overview of the essay, where as the Body you can express the facts, your thoughts and the main idea and finally finish the essay with summarizing things.
  • Honesty pays here. Write what you know, don’t try impress the evaluation team by being over smart.
  • Read after finishing the essay to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Paragraph Writing – Difference between Essay and paragraph writing

Essay writing normally contains 3 to 4 paragraphs whereas paragraph writing will contain a single paragraph. Try to limit your paragraph in 150 to 175 words range. Writing more or less will make a negative impact on you. Also allot 8 to 10 minutes for it as whole paragraph will be of 8 marks. By allotting this time you can concentrate on other parts like essay writing which is asked for 12 marks.

An Sample Paragraph for reference

sample 1

3 Points to remember while writing a paragraph

  • First sentence of the paragraph carries the value of the topic, it should give an idea on whats inside a para.
  • Choose the type before starting to write. Normally they are divided as Narrative which speaks about a event, Descriptive ones which describe a process and finally expository where facts are included to support a idea.
  • Concluding sentence should be like its ending the topic. As you can see in the above example it completes the paragraph.

Letter writing – Format for Associated PO exam

bank account opening

Points to be considered while writing a Letter in a Bank exam

  1. Please note that you are writing a letter in bank exam so expect letters related to banks. Few types of letters may be

a, Application to open a banks saving account

b, Change of details like name and address in your current account

c, Application for a lost debit card

d, Application for check book

2, Please make sure to add as much as details in the address line while writing. If possible add what kind of account you have savings/current, A sample account number, Branch details etc

3, Maintain a word count of 150 to 200 words inside the body based on the topic. If the topic don’t require more information just keep it low.

We hope this Post will help you to score good marks in the Upcoming Associated PO Exams. Please share your ideas in comments section below.


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