SBI Clerk Computer knowledge Questions and Answers

State bank of India has already announced the dates for the written examination across India for Clerk position in july 26 to August 8th 2014. We have already shared viewers with General Awareness questions and Marketing aptitude questions and answers. With this post we bring another important part of the written examination the computer knowledge questions and answers.

What is a computer?

Computer is an electronic device which gets data or information and process it to deliver results. The main parts of computer are Input Unit, Central processing unit, Arithmetic and logic unit, Control Unit, Memory, Output unit and software.

Topics to be studied from Computer knowledge for SBI Clerk exams 2014

1, Operating Systems

2, Programming languages


4, Microsoft word

5, Microsoft Excel

6, Database Objects

7, Internet

8, Information Technology

9, Networking

10, Softwares

Computer knowledge Questions and Answers for SBI Clerical Posts exams 2014

1, MS Access is combined of how many types of attributes?

Ans: Three

2, How to start a formula in Excel sheet?

Ans:  Start with =

3, What are the types of LAN?

Ans: Ethernet, Token Ring, Token Bus

4, Write the comparison operator?

Ans: “/”

5, What is the protocal of email ?


6, In which part of computer all the arithmetic Calculations are processed?

Ans: Control Unit

7, What is a Bitmap?

Ans:  Its a format which is used by windows wallpaper

8, Abbreviation of ANSI

Ans: American National Standard Institution

9, Files with .VXD means?

Ans: Device drivers

10, The powerful Computer in India Now?

Ans: Param Yuva2

11, What are different types of Biometrics?

Ans: Finger print, Retina Scan

12, What kind of device is an VDU?

Ans: Output Device

13, A byte has how many Bits?

Ans: 8 bits

14, Most visited website in the world?


15, For opening slideshow which shortcut key is used?

Ans: F5

16, Types of Queries?

Ans: 4

17, What do you mean by Web casting?

Ans: Transmission of media files through internet

18, What is fourth generation language?

Ans: An procedural Language

19, When was first operating system developed?

Ans: 1950

20, What is known as merging of row and column?

Ans: A cell

We hope this sample questions stated above will help you to get good marks on your computer knowledge section of State bank of India clerk exams 2014. We will add more questions to this post in future for you. Keep checking.

Thank you





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