Security Guard Interview Questions In Indian Companies

With more and more Multinational Companies opening their manufacturing Units In India there is more vacancies for security Guards across the country. We have interviewed various security guards to come up with the below questions they faced during their interviews. We have also tried our best to get answer for the questions also.

Question for Security Guard

Security Guard

Question 1: Tell Me about Yourself?

A routine question but make sure to include your security guard experience while answering this question.

Question: 2 Why you want to Join our Company?

Research on the company background and list out few positive points of the same.

Question 3: Strengths?

Adaptability, Hard Working, Persistence. Make sure to include honesty as for a security guard it will be a good addition.

Question 4: Weakness?

Example for weaknesses for security Job is “I don’t Trust Anyone”

Question 5: Daily duties during Previous Security Job?

Prime Duty is to safeguard the People,Company and Information. Routine duties include Access Control, Traffic control, Patrol, Handling Phone, Managing Events.

Question 6: How do you control a Crowd?

Observe the crowd and communicate to them politely to stay calm. Will pass the information to police if crowd is out of control and do my best to maintain peace till police arrives.

Question 7: What do you mean by Access Control?

Access control means controlling the movement of vehicle, people and material in and out of the company.

Question 8: What to do in case of emergency?

During Emergency Remain calm ,ask for help, use the available resources and follow up the procedure.

Question 9: What if an employee doesn’t obey the rules of the company?

Warn the employee and if he keeps on doing the same, I will report to my superiors about the violation.

Question 10: Prime responsibility while working in a commercial entity?

Make sure the screen the people for any dangerous items and suspected persons entering inside the Place.

Question 11: How to manage the Night shifts?

Make sure to have 8 hours continuous sleep during Day times after the night shift.

Bottom Line is Prepare and understand your job. Make sure include the skills,experience you possess related to the job during the interview questions. Finally thank them for their Time and Leave the interview with a smile on your  face.

Hope this questions help you. Please share in comments if you have any more questions in mind.

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