Small Business Opportunities in 2014 with Low Investment

The economy is ever growing. In such a place where many people tend to look out for many services, there needs to be a person who can deliver it to them. Thus, there are opportunities that lie everywhere. This is the beginning of small business opportunities that come in the lowest investments that are not just profitable to the producer but also to its clients.

To start with, small business opportunities can be any opportunity that has a low investment to it. The best examples of these businesses are home based business that allows you to generate some income for yourself in the most profitable way. The advantage is that you can take your business at your own pace and be your own boss. With so many suburbs and urban areas you can even start your own tuition business at home, a gardening one or some personal service jobs.

small business opportunities

Thus, you can have a modest investment in time, money and energy. Check out the different types of small business opportunities.


Gardening is yet one of the small business opportunities that expresses your interest and passion for tending towards plants. You can earn an income with your own garden grown nursery. You can also use your own garden for producing healthy crops and vegetables to sell to the local market. Another way is through harvesting and selling botanicals which will help you generate a good amount of money. You can also have an organic home nursery at a retail price.

Home typing business

You can also start your own home typing business where you can write articles, enter data or even transcribe notes for the court reporters. This helps you get paid sitting right at home where all you need to do is send in your typed work to these reporters. You can also catch hold of some clients who would like to get their work done and ease the burden for them. Thus, you can slowly develop your business and turn it to your dream work.

Start your own home bakery

Starting your own home bakery is also a way to create an opportunity for yourself. With the increase in the demand for bakery products during a special occasion like Christmas or even someone’s birthday, starting a home bakery is one of the best ways to start your own business and generating an income. Now who does not want to taste delicious cakes and cookies? So you can start your own bakery business and sell your delicious food to people who are in need of it.

Get teaching

There are many students who find certain subjects weak. In an urban place where there are lots of schools, there will be many students who are in need of help with certain subjects that are not easy for them. If your passion is towards teaching, you can start a small business that will help you coach students.

Make a Blog

You can sit at home, use your PC and make money like I am doing it right now. Blogging does not take a huge investment. You can start a blog with 50 USD or 3500 INR and make 300-400 USD easily. You can even earn more than 1000 USD easily. To know more about it, you can mail me. I can help you set up a blog and earn. Mail id-

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