SSC CGL Tier 2 Model Questions 2014

Staff selection commission is conducting exams every year for recruitment on different posts and posts like tax assistant etc. Normally the exams are conducted in graduate level. As the Tier 1 examination results are already announced  SSC has announced the dates for TIER 2 graduate level examinations as September 20 and 21st 2014. The main exams are comprised of 300 marks in which 200 questions are asked.

Question Pattern for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exams

Quantitative Abilities – 100 Questions

English Language and Comprehension – 100 questions

In quantitative ability please find the importance of topics classified based on the number of questions asked from each topic previous years.

Algebra – 22%

Trigonometry – 10%

Geometry – 12 %

Mensuration – 18%

Remaining 38% questions are asked from other topics

Quantitative Ability Model Questions

1, Complete the series:


a,391 b, 421 c, 481 d, 511

2, Choose the odd number from the given series?


a, 44 b, 29 c, 89 d, 65

3, In a shop a person sells an pen for 30 Rs. The profit he gained is 20%. If he gives 10% discount on season sales how much profit percentage he will get during season sale?

a, 8 b, 9 c, 7 d, 7.5

4, Four People E,F,G,H purchased an Shopping mall for Rs 56,00,000 .In percentage F,G,H contributed 460% that of E alone. Together E,G,H invested 366.66% that of F’s contribution. The contribution of G is Forty percentage that of E,F,H all together. How much amount did H invested?

a, Rs 10 Lakhs b, Rs 12 Lakhs c, Rs 16 lakhs d, Rs 18 Lakhs

5, While selling 18 pens a shop keeper loses the sold price of 2 pens. Calculate the loss percent?

a, 12% b, 11% c, 10% d, 9%

English Language and Comprehension Model questions

1, Ram Displayed great courage and _____________ in his younger days.

2, Another word for Old Unmarried woman?

3, Synonym of the word SORDID?

4, Opposite of the word RIGID?

5, Change into active/passive Voice

He wrote the letters

Hope this few model questions will help you to know on the basics of SSC CGL Tier 2 Model Questions 2014.We will update you soon with previous year questions papers with solutions to help you crack the mains exams in coming examinations.

Thank you.

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