The Story of Alex Tew: Self Made Million Dollar Boy

Few months man Alex Tew was recognized as just another University student whose sole objective was to turn sweat into blood in order to raise some quick bucks towards his University Fees. It was this time when Tew was surviving in a poverty clad environment. At that point of time, Alex Tew was viewed as just another University student who came to be viewed as an individual who was seen carrying the most untidy and worn out socks coupled with trousers the pockets of which had gone completely empty. Inspite of all of this, the only ray of hope for this young lad was to venture in some or their other exceptional activity so as to be able to make millions of dollars in absolutely no time. Eventually, this marked the beginning of the Million Dollar Idea.

The Million Dollar Idea

It was just another quite, chilled night when Alex Tew was resting on his bed, the only difference being he was wide awake and deep into thoughts. It was this same night that gave birth to this Million Dollar idea. It was all about hardcore brainstorming, which he believed could help him come up with distinct ideas that could assist him in taking care of his educational needs. This is exactly when the idea of launching a Million Dollar Homepage happened to strike Alex Tew.

Alex tew

Alex Tew

Million dollar homepage

Million Dollar Homepage

It was the year 2005 that marked the launch of the Million Dollar Homepage. The basic concept behind this homepage was to make available customized pixel grids measuring 1000 x 1000, which could be further easily explored and executed by the buyers for their individual considerations. The rating chart of these image based links was created in such a manner that in a 10 x 10 block, one pixel was charged one dollar. In short, the central idea of this concept was to sell out all the pixels associated with a particular image so as to help the creator of the same to make millions of dollars out of the sale.

The Dicy Beginning

In the first few days, the Million Dollar Idea failed to take up as expected. Tew failed drastically to achieve his basic objective of attracting umpteen amount of attention to his website. In the initial days, most of his income comprised of the purchases which were made solely by his near and dear ones. This is exactly when he realized the need to bring his concept into limelight. The only way out was to rely on some reliable publicity cum public relations tactics. He rightly managed the situation by introducing a press release in the media. This was when people came to know about this outstanding idea and started approaching Tew to fulfill their individual needs and requirements. Though the beginning was slightly tough, Tew successfully gained pace in due course.

The Florishing Take Off

As soon as people came to know about the pixel advertising concept a good deal of marketers as well as advertisers started approaching Tew for placing their very own logo, image or advertisement on the same. There were others who desired to enjoy the hyperlinks facility. Ever since then, The Million Dollar Homepage has become a huge hit and is popularly come to be known as the ultimate internet phenomenon.

Throughout his journey, Alex Tew has had certain pleasant encounters with some of the better than the best offerings. In the year 2009, the million dollar homepage successfully managed to earn the 127th rank as far as web traffic was concerned. Not to forget the auction of the last 1000 pixels in the year on eBay that helped Tew to earn a gross income of $1,037,100. Lastly, let us not forget mention of this concept in the book “Cool Tech Gadgets, Games, Robots and the Digital World”.

The Concluding Words

All said and done, after having a look at Alex Tew’s fulfilling journey all we can say is that nothing is impossible in today’s date. In order to achieve your goal all you need to have is a strong dedication, determination and devotion towards your goal. Similarly, being realistic and working hard can also help you go that extra time. So all you people out there who have only set certain goals for themselves, but have failed to work towards them now is the time to stand up and set the balls rolling.

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