Top 10 School/College Drop Outs Self Made Billionaires

Students are often lectured by their parents and elders at large about how lack of education will put us in a massive mess especially in the long run. However, now it is time to prove a point to the successors. Have a look at the following write up and you will come to realize that you can now kiss success without having to emerge yourself in the boring classes or the fat and bulky academic books. If you have a business idea, but till now have been demotivated about pursuing the same, then it’s high time that you pull up your socks and set the tables rolling.

Bill Gates

self made billionaire

One of the individual’s who has consistently featured on the Forbes list of world’s wealthiest people is undoubtedly Bill Gates. After having dropped out from the Harvard University, Gates went ahead to launch Microsoft, wherein he happened to step into the shoes of co-founder and chairman of the said company. Similarly, he is also recognized as one of the major shareholders in the individual’s category. Bill Gates has often shown a consistent trend in his business performance, which has led to him enjoying a net worth of $ 72 billion.

Steve Jobs

Talking about cutting edge innovation, the first name that is likely to find place in each of our minds is none other than the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. Inspite of having dropped out from the ReedCollege and so also in the absence of any concrete degree, Jobs has been named as the sole pioneer behind the personal computer revolution. Apart from this, Steve Jobs is also known for playing the role of co-founder and CEO for Pixar. In addition, Jobs is also recognized as founder and CEO of NeXT Inc. Moreover, even after his early demise, Steve Jobs, still acts as a major inspiration for a number of youngsters out there.

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Henry Ford

An American industrialist who happens to be the lone reason behind the Ford Motor Company is none other than Henry Ford. Ford is known to have taken no formal education as such, thus leaving him with no degree in particular. Moreover, even after beginning his career as a local apprentice he is known to have been eventually successful in creating a huge empire, thus setting a worthwhile example in front of a number of aspirants at large. Above all, Henry Ford has been successful in attracting a number of ready fans to him for having created the Fordism Concept, which mainly talks about bulk production of inexpensive goods coupled with handsome wages for the workers.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, which is closely recognized by each one of us in recent times, happens to be an exclusive baby of none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg who happens to be a HarvardUniversity dropout is today recognized as a successful computer programmer cum internet entrepreneur, thanks to the umpteen number of dollars that he is playing with. The net worth of $16.8 billion enjoyed by him, in itself speaks a lot about this fame and success in general. Zuckerberg has been able to enjoy a number of accolades to his credit, the major one being Zuckerberg forming part of the hundred wealthiest cum influential people in the world list which was actually correlated to the Person of the Year distinction by none other than the Time magazine.

Dhirubhai Ambani


One extremely popular and inspirational Indian, who is known the world over as a very concrete business personality is none other than Dhirubhai Ambani. Even after having dropped out from school in the early secondary years, Dhirubhai Ambani is considered the only major source behind the launch of the massive Reliance Empire. He along with his cousin is known to have unveiled Reliance Industries. Apart from this, Dhirubhai Ambani is also known to have featured in the list of top fifty businessmen named by the Sunday Times. Moreover, Dhirubhai Ambani even after his demise is remembered by umpteen of business aspirants out there.

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Barry Diller

A school dropout who eventually came out to become a successful billionaire all thanks to his contribution to the media industry is none other than Barry Diller. Diller is known the world over for having lead IAC/InterActiveCorp. Similarly, he is also known for having launched the Fox Broadcasting Company as well as USA Broadcasting. Moreover, Barry Diller is known to possess a fantastic business sense and is known to enjoy a net worth of $1.9 billion.

Richard Branson

Any and every discussion on billionaires who happen to be unsuccessful in the academic arena is likely to lead us to the founder of the Virgin group, Richard Branson. With a net worth of $ 4.6 billion, Branson had come to be recognized as the fourth richest individual in the United Kingdom as per the Forbes List, 2012. Moreover, Richard Branson is today popularly referred to as the ultimate English tycoon cum investor.

Lawrence J Ellison

Dropped out from University of Illinois and eventually turned into a billionaire who touched success after launching the software company, Oracle Corporation is none other than Lawrence J Ellison. The Forbes list 2013 even went ahead to name Lawrence J Ellison as the third wealthiest individual in America. Above all, Ellison is known to enjoy a hefty net worth of round about $41 billion. Yet another feather in Ellison hat is that he is known to be a licensed pilot who tends to own several aircrafts at large.

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Orji Uzor Kalu

Yet another highly successful billionaire who coincidentally happens to be a school dropout is none other than this international entrepreneur who at the same time also tends to play the role of being the chairman of SLOK Holding as well as Daily Sun newspaper, Orji Uzor Kalu. We can clearly observe that absence of any kind of formal education has not really acted as a deterrent in Orji Uzor Kalu’s shimmering career, to the extent that he was once also elected as the Governor of Abia State, Nigeria.

Madame C. J. Walker

Last, but not the least another name that is likely to pop up in each of our minds when the combination of a school dropout and a billionaire is being discussed about is none other than Madame C J Walker. In the initial years, Madame Walker was known all over as Sarah Breedlove. Walker is particularly known as a self made billionaire. Above all she is largely popular as a glorious American entrepreneur cum philanthropist. The sole secret behind her success is ofcourse the launch of her line of beauty and hair products under the brand Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company.

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